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Why Buy a Real Sex Doll?

Filed in Escort | Posted by admin on August 24, 2023

Why Buy a Real Sex Doll?

Sex dolls aren’t only for perverts and creeps – they also serve as companions to those having difficulty connecting with real people. One man named Brick who spends PS150,000 annually on his dolls claims they provide happiness and companionship that his wife or children cannot provide him. Brick also says his sex dolls provide an outlet to explore sexuality without feeling judged, which may explain why many others purchase them too. Other users claim their dolls have given them confidence boosts or helped improve work performance.

The sex doll industry has seen tremendous growth over the past decade due to improved technology and an understanding of their allure. Popular models are typically made of medical-grade silicone that feels similar to human skin and exhibits its elasticity; some models feature orifices or can be customized with various accessories – perfect for discreet sexual encounters! Lightweight and easy to hide away when not being used, they make for convenient discreet encounters.

Sex toys offer another advantage by being lubricated with warming lubricant to increase realism. Furthermore, these toys can also be used to satisfy specific kinks and fetishes such as masturbating anime girls or moving nipples that move in and out of your mouth.

Customers looking for models can select females with various physical attributes, ranging from perky breasts and pouty lips to shaved pubes, flat tummies and small waists. Most are sold as white models to conform with an established “dream girl” aesthetic first popularized by the risque Bild Lilli adult novelty doll from the 1950s.

Ahri is an all-purpose blonde with medical-grade silicone and mesmerizing, mesmeric eyes; Carmen has an alluring silhouette inspired by women from League of Legends; RealDoll also offers male dolls like Asher who resemble construction workers with camouflage pants and tool belts around their waists.

RealDoll’s headquarters are in San Marcos, California, and its production facility feels similar to entering an uncanny valley: silicon bodies hang from hooks on an assembly line with some wearing strangely human-looking heads while others feature fully exposed bug-eyed robot faces – and RealDoll is currently developing models with artificial intelligence capabilities.

RealDoll’s clients tend to be straight men seeking sexual partners without any of the flaws or limitations associated with real people. There are, however, men with more sinister intentions: one known as Davecat on an online forum for RealDoll enthusiasts became fond of these dolls because they don’t lie, cheat, or criticize him – an appeal many others can identify with as well.

Attributing all purchasers of sex dolls as misogynists looking to live out their dark fantasies by abusing plastic bodies is unfair; just like it would be inaccurate to label every woman with a penis as promiscuous whore. Yet the industry of sex dolls will only grow with technology’s advancements.